Good news! Admins can now save bookkeeping time by creating custom category groups and subcategories. No more work-arounds needed.

Here is how to set them up:

  • If using the web app click on Settings > Categories
  • Choose from the 11 category types:
    • Entertainment
    • Equipment & hardware
    • Marketing & advertising
    • Meals & drinks
    • Office expenses
    • Phone & internet
    • Software
    • Travel
    • Service & consultancy
    • Supplies
    • Other
  • Name your category groups and subcategories. When adding expenses your team will be able to choose from the subcategories, so choose names that they can understand at a glance.
  • Add a tax rate for each subcategory.

Our Categories feature allows expense owners to assign expenses to a line in your chart of accounts and pre-select a tax code. When exporting, the right nominal code and tax rate will be applied.

All groups and subcategories can be archived if you decide to update your category list later on.

For more details check out our Help Centre article or contact our Customer Support team at

And last but not least, remind your team to update their Pleo mobile app to the latest version to see the changes ✨