We’re happy to announce that reviewers can now review expenses in Pleo, directly from their mobile or web app - we’re calling this feature Assurance.

Assurance works by notifying reviewers when a purchase was made by a member of their team above the decided-upon threshold. Reviewers can then mark the purchase as "Okay", "Not Okay", or they can ask for additional context.

Many of you have been waiting for us to release this ever since you started using Pleo and we thank you for your patience. Below are the practicalities and functionalities of the review feature.

How to set it up
Setting it up is easy and can be done in the web app. Simply click on “People” and edit a specific team’s settings by choosing a threshold amount. Note that reviews are team-specific, so the threshold amounts may vary from team to team. For instance, the Sales Team might have a threshold of £100, meaning that every purchase above £100 will notify the reviewer of the sales team, whereas the product team might have no threshold. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to set up reviews.

Seen By
Besides notifying the reviewers, reviews also lets employees know who in the company has seen their expenses. From the web app, employees can click on any expense, and in the upper right corner they will see an eye icon. Hovering over it lets them see who’s viewed the expense.

We hope you’ll give Assurance a try, and as always, let us know your questions, comments or feedback!