We’re happy to start 2020 off with a much-awaited feature: Fetch for Gmail. As more and more expenses are shifting online, we built Fetch to help users save time and hassle on email receipts. As the name suggest, this feature lets you link up your Pleo and Gmail accounts for automatic receipt catching and matching.

How it works

  1. Under “Power-ups” in your profile, enable “Fetch for Gmail”
  2. Once you’ve granted Pleo access, Fetch starts digging – it will find and match any receipt from up to one year ago.
  3. Fetch will also match up all your future online purchases and subscriptions. Once it finds a receipt in your inbox, you’ll receive a notification.
  4. You can identify the receipts that were automatically attached by Fetch by the Found in mail label in the Pleo app.

Is this safe?
Our customers’ privacy and security have been central to how we’ve developed Fetch. It only retrieves emails that are receipts (or have receipts attached) from Gmail inboxes. Emails are never stored and no human at Pleo will see your messages. We care about your security, and you can read a lot more about that here.

Give this a spin and let us know your thoughts! We’re over excited to launch this and can’t wait to hear what you think.