At Pleo, we firmly believe there’s no easier way than to pay with a card. But sometimes you can only pay in cash. That’s why we introduced Pleo Pocket. You will be able to pay for cash-only purchases by withdrawing cash from an ATM with your Pleo card. You will also be able to record expenses paid for using your personal cash or cards to your Pleo account.

How does it work?

  1. "Cash remaining" section will appear after completing an ATM withdrawal using a Pleo card.
  2. Add out-of-pocket expenses by clicking on the + button in the top right corner. Then add a picture of the receipt and fill out the basic purchase information: date, merchant, amount.
  3. An "Owed to you" ****section will appear if more was spent than the amount in “Cash remaining.”
  • To get reimbursed, users will need to contact their admin. *

The Beta is available for those using generic accounting systems, without a direct accounting integration.

Talk to your customer success manager to join the Beta!

Learn more about Pocket here