We’re happy to release a feature we’ve worked hard on building over the last several months: a new wallet top-up experience.

Three major adjustments come with this update: fixed transfer details, faster top-ups and a new interface.

(1) Fixed transfer details
The bank transfer details are permanent and can be saved in your bank for future reference. One-time reference codes are also no longer needed, which makes it easier and more intuitive to top-up your Pleo account.

(2) Faster top-ups
We’ve also changed how wallet top-ups work in the backend, which makes the actual transfer of money from your bank to your Pleo account much faster. In essence, with our old system, funds were funnelled through an intermediary partner, sometimes causing delays and pains. With our new setup, you can send money to Pleo directly and we will load the funds as soon as we receive them from your bank.

(3) New interface
The “Wallet” page has also been redesigned. The clean interface gives admins more clarity over their cashflow in Pleo and allows them to set up low balance alerts easily and view their top-up history in one click. Head over to your Wallet to see the changes!