The manage expense view is the central place from which admins and bookkeepers make expenses ready for export. It is also, now, a place from which more work with Pleo is happening. Indeed, in the spirit of shipping more time-saving features for our users, we’ve made two important updates to this particular view. The first one lets admins and bookkeepers filter on expenses that are missing a note, while the second one allows for expenses to be reviews directly in the manage expense view.

(1) Note filter
Maybe your company requires a note on every expense, or maybe employees have to provide a note on expenses that belong to the “Food & Drinks” category. No matter the case, this new feature helps to break down expenses and provide admins and bookkeepers more context straight from the manage expense view, by seeing which expenses have a note or those that are missing one.

(2) Ask for additional context straight from the manage expense view
As mentioned above, more and more admins and bookkeepers do their Pleo tasks directly in the manage expense view to make sure expenses are ready for export. However, when it came time to review expenses, admins had to go back to the expense feed. It resulted in a lot of back-and-forth and unnecessary time waste. We’ve now made it possible to review expenses directly in the manage expense view.

We’ve also given bookkeepers the possibility to mark expenses as "Okay", “Not okay” or ask for additional context (if they are reviewers on a team) in the manage expense view.

Finally this update comes with the possibility of filtering expenses by review status, increasing yet again the extent to which expenses in the Manage Expense view can be filtered, sorted and broken down.