We’re excited to be the first solution for all business spending in Germany offering an API integration to DATEV.

In this article we’ll walk you through how to enable the direct integration between Pleo and the cash register, Kassenbuch, in DATEV, which you can use to handle Pleo expenses. You will also see how you can further push these expenses to DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen or other connected DATEV solutions.

Before setting up the integration

Alright, first make sure …

When this is taken care of next you need to make sure you have …

  • a dedicated G/L account for all the Pleo expenses
  • your list of expense accounts ready that you want to use within Pleo
  • your list of tax codes and rates that you want to use within Pleo

Setting up Kassenbuch

Then head to DATEV Unternehem online and …

  • create a cash register to use for Pleo card expenses in ‘Kassenbuch’
  • configure which fields you see by hitting ‘Einstellungen’ and 'Erfassungsmaske konfigurieren’. You should make sure the following are ticked:
    • Beleg-Nr.
    • BU
    • Steuer
    • Gegenkonto
    • KOST1*
    • KOST2*

*In our very first version of this integration we do not support KOST1 and KOST2, but will very soon!

Setting up the integration in Pleo

Now head to Accounting in Pleo and …

  • choose ‘DATEV Kassenbuch’
  • proceed through a two-step authentication flow (see example here). You’ll need your SmartLogin if you’re not already logged into DUO
  • add the G/L account in Pleo
  • add tax codes and rates and then head to Categories and make sure you’re all set up with categories matching your expenses accounts

Exporting to DUO and finding Data

Before you export expenses from the Export page, make sure to go through the expenses to see, that they have all the proper information. Then proceed and export the expenses. For exporting expenses to DATEV you can refer to this article that outlines the procedure.

Once this is done you can now check the data via DUO by …

  • heading to ‘Kassenbewegungen’ and choosing the month you want to review
  • open up the details of the expenses
  • when all good, hit ‘Festschreiben & Bereitstellen’ to push the data to DATEV Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen or other connected DATEV solutions.

Your tax consultant should now be able to reconcile it all!
That’s it, we hope you will enjoy this integration :)