Automatic wallet top-ups in Denmark have been around for a while. While we’re happy with the feedback we’ve been getting, we wanted to take this feature a step further. This is why we’re happy to finally release the new version of our auto top-up feature. Here are the major updates:

(1) Faster top-ups
Auto top-ups are now much faster. If a top-up is initiated before 11:55, your funds will reach your wallet around midnight that same day. If a top-up gets initiated after 11:55, they will reach your wallet around midnight the following day.

(2) No more transfer limit
The 25,000 kr transfer limit is now a thing of the past. From today, you can set your auto top-up amount to whatever you want, and your funds will reach your wallet at the above-mentioned times, depending on the time of your top-up.

We hope you enjoy these two updates to our auto top-up feature. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!